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Food Freshness, vitamins and variety are the best recipes for healthy living. By storing food items in optimum conditions, Liebherr's BioFresh technology keeps foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals fresher for longer than conventional refrigerator compartments. You can rely on Liebherr's innovative refrigeration technology to optimally preserve your food's freshness, flavour and nutritional content.

All BioFresh refrigerators are complete with drawers, which are precisely regulated by the refrigerator to a temperature slightly above 0c. This is far below conventional refrigerator compartment temperatures. A low temperature is not enough to preserve freshness: Fruit and Vegetables will require a humid climate to remain crisp, while dairy, fish and meat are optimally stored in dry conditions. With BioFresh technology, you can regulate the humidity level using a simple slider and transform your refrigerator into a versatile storage space in which the widest range of foods can be stored.

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