When you walk through your local shop buying your food for the week you will often find wines which originate from many different continents around the world. Wine has evolved as part of our diet as it compliments certain foods, with bottles now created specifically for certain meats, and even desserts. 

First emerging in Europe, it has since become increasingly popular in America, Australia and more. 61 countries all over the world produce wine which is distributed globally, with distinct regions having their own taste, based on soil, grape and the amount of sunlight to name but a few ways. 

We have created this guide to rush across the continents and provide you with a unique flavour for each region, in just six bottles you would have spanned the globe!



South Africa is one of the first regions on many people’s lists when it comes to fine wine, for over 350 years the country has been producing stellar bottles of both red and white. 


David & Nadia Sadie, Aristargos, Swartland, 2017

David & Nadia is a family owned company who made their first wine in 2010. As a business, they believe in a pure, fresh and natural style where site and soil work together with minimal interference from a winemakers point of view. 

Aristargos 2017 is made up of 58% Chenin Blanc, 14% Viognier, 13% Clairette Blanche, 7% Semillon, 5% Roussanne and 3% Marsanne. The wine is 13% alcohol. They created a Chenin blanc based white blend made up of grapes and young plants. A Marsanne vineyard gave the company their first vintage which they included on a small scale into their Aristargos.

The grapes are whole pressed and then cold settling is allowed for the juice, then they rack into a barrel for spontaneous fermentation. The Semillon is then kept on the skins for a few days and then the wine will age in old 300L French barrels until perfected. 



A rapidly emerging region in wine production, as part of the largest continent on Earth China, is tipped to be the world’s largest producer of wine by 2050. While created for over 2000 years, it has seldom left its homeland in that time, with bottles only just beginning to gain popularity globally.   

Vang Dalat, Vietnam

This Chardonnay is said to be made using European winemaking practices. The pleasant aromas include a mixture of tropical fruits, honey and lemon which is very refreshing. The wine is available in most cities in Vietnam and is also exported to China, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Switzerland and Cambodia.


North America

While California is well renowned for its wine other states are fast becoming big names on the international stage. With sunshine and dryer weather for the majority of the year, the West Coast is the perfect place to grow fine wine. 


A to Z Oregon Pinot Gris 2013, (USA)

The 2013 Pinot Gris is a blend of the fruit from 26 different vineyards across Oregon. The individual ingredients are fermented separately which enhances the flavours perfectly before adding them all together. This wine's aromas include lemon zest, honeysuckle, nutmeg and wet stone which then become richer producing aromas such as lychee, beeswax and a hint of melon. The warm and dry Summer weather was combined with the early start of the season developed a great flavour, colour and ripeness. 


South America 

The dark horse of our selection, while many may not think of the likes of Argentina and Chile as regions known for their fine wine they are consistently among the most reputable regions that are awarded distinctions for quality.   


Domaine Bousquet Fortified Malbec, Peru 

The grapes used for this wine are grown at one of the highest points in the mountains of Mendoza in Argentina. Malbec is almost black in colour which in turn released an intense flavour. The blackberry, blackcurrant, chocolate and coffee aromas finish off the wine perfectly. The wine would be perfectly suited with desserts such as cheeses and chocolates. 



France is the main name when it comes to classic wines, however, all of the main regions are just as established in terms of authority. Not just emerging through tourism, countries like Croatia are also undergoing a rapid rise in the wine world too. 


Benvenuti Malvazija Istarska 2018

Malvazija is a dry white wine which is made from white grapes which are grown in Istrial Croatia. The win has nice smelling aromas and can go well with many different food types. The wine is fresh, strong and has a persistent smell as well as a gorgeous flavour. White pepper and dried grass can also be found in this wine.